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First of, a very happy birthday to Pam. I made sure i'll be the first one to greet. Haha.


The funny thing about online people, I consider them as fictional characters. Don't take it against me to think like this. You see, you can never be too sure with people online. Whether bloggers, people you chat with on any messenger or those from forums.
Fictional. Unreal. Fantasy. Of make believe.
Even if I regularly see their rants in front of the computer, I still wouldn't consider stuff like those as true. People hide under any pseudonyms and other stuff, thus making their readers doubtful. Some even claim to be someone they're not. This creates a lot of problems. And from here arises a lot of issues, plagiarism is one.
So there, you are in fact right. I don't trust anyone here. Not one soul. Of course, excluding the people I really see and hang with everyday.
1. A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution
2. Extreme, irrational distrust of others

I'll consider number 2. Only without the "extreme" part.
Such anxiety.

Read between the lines of every sentence in a person's post. You can never be too careful. Trust nowadays are so hard to keep and give.

Are you sure you can trust me?


LaNa said...

i agrre with you.. minsan yung iba namimike lang... no offense.. but i choose to believe what i see.. dont know why.. alam ko kaso di ko maisip.. asa dulo na ng dila ko..

pero ofcourse tama din yung sinabi mo alot of people pretend.. so im not taking that against you..

50 50 ako eh.. kaya magulo.. :)

tina said...

Such Anxiety. And it gives you the myclonic jerks now and then even when you are just in our school sleeping. :) hehe.

LaNa said...

also.. kakaalala ko lang..

trust nga is sooo hard to give.. especially pag-niloko ka na nya.. grabe ang hirap talaga ibigay yun..

anyway.. great post!

Manic Psycho said...

Lana: hey, thanks.. glad you agree.. people these days.. hahay..

Tina: waaahh! sshh! good thing I didn't fall off the table kanina.. :P

meliffic said...

sabagay, di kita masisisi, how about people on TV? di ka rin ba naniniwala sa kanila, well in the mean time since di pa naman tayo nagkikita sa personal, consider me as your "imaginary friend" :)

rHo said...

I don't trust anyone here. Not one soul.

ay ganun??! pano yan? hindi pa tayo nagkikita!! nyahahaha... well, have faith na lang! parang si God, di mo sya nakikita pero you trust Him right?!

happy thanksgiving sis! mwuahugz! ingatz!

Mel said...

The way I see it, when your identity is hidden from the rest of the world, you can be as free as you want to be; you can raise hell virtually and not have to pay for it later. Maybe this anonymity gives otherwise normal,harmless,kosher individuals an opportunity for letting out their inner demons--things they could never do if they were under society's watch.

So, the big question is: are they pretending, or are they merely being their *true* selves?

Oooh, more paranoia. How fun.

OMGsunshine said...

yea, that would be kinda pointless-- you know ranting on some fictional belief that this or that happened on this date, etc. i myself find it hard to pretend under the basis of my life. yes i pretend when it comes to feelings (outside of the www), trying to be happy when deep down em really not but i find pretending about how once life is, useless. whats blogger for when im just gonna pretend that my life is perfect, everythings great, my day went perfectly great, uhmmm nope. Blogging is here for one reason and that is for me to be honest as best as i can because after all, what would i lose? If i cant be "that" honest about my feelings in real life, why not pour everything in my personal blog? If i cannot whine that much in real life, then why not whine all i want online? thats how it is so you either trust someone or you dont. and if you cant, play along with it, because after all, you never know if they are pretending or not until proven guilty otherwise.

Iskoo said...

you are right, we must be careful in dealing with people in cyber world.

cruise said...

very true!
pero alam mo i tried to meet around 5-6 bloggers na talagang di ko kilala, sila talaga yung nakilala ko sa blogworld. maybe because pinili ko rin naman kasi kung sino lang kikitain ko, hehe.

tin said...

there's nothing wrong to believe whether they write fictional or facts. Basta na-totouch ka sa post nila, o naaliw ka, o nakaka-relate, its fine. Ok din naman yung ganun e, atleast parang feeling mo, may katulad ka ng nararamdaman sa buhay. Then you could even gain friends, online, na willing to cheer you up sa mga kadramahan mo sa buhay. :)