: Calm ::

As of the moment, I feel so relaxed and refreshed (c2?).
I went to the gym earlier this morning with Kath. We planned to go at 6am and decided to meet at our street's corner. When I got there, I had to wait for like, 30 minutes. Hoping that in one of the jeepneys Kath would be there. Hayy, I thought that maybe I'd go to the gym by myself since I really don't like to wait. Anyway, she arrived and so off we go to the gym. After an hour, she told me she wants to make her braso smaller as well as her tummy. I warned her, "Commitment is crucial to accomplishment." Then pointed on a poster that had that phrase. Sumimangot. I dared her to come with me to the gym every morning so she can lose a few pounds or something, shave off some skin. Hehe.

Ok, I have to admit, I have nothing else to post here for today which is why I opted to tell you what happened kanina.


Hmm, about sa special someone ko. Potpot's been bugging me about who my special someone is. SIKRETO PARA BIBO. Haha.
Anyway, sabi ko sa kanya kanina na gumawa siya ng rules para samin. Hehe. Wala lang. I would just like to share that with everyone here. Kapamilyang bloggers! Kung sa kaklase ko, blogsters raw. Haha *sorry Bords*


I've noticed that when it comes to topics about L-O-V-E, everyone really has something to say about it. Hmm, I wonder why.
Does it stir up something inside you?
Sobrang affected ka ba sa topic na kelangan mo talagang magpost o mag comment about it?
At bakit naman kung sa ibang topics and nasasagot lang eh.. "hehe"?
Hey, I mean, this is not a bad thing you know. I would just like to point out these things I've been encountering.

You might think that hindi pa siguro ako nakakaexperience ng sobrang sakit na ewan in relation to this love thing. Honeslty, I ave, but I used logic in dealing with it which is why I'm no suicidal dork. I don't drown myself with food, booze and unhealthy stuff. I don't stray away from my friends. And even if I'm alone, I'd never have a breakdown.
Why? Simple, life is so full of splendid things. I enjoy them. I always say to myself, never be too attached to anyone unless I am really sure about what I feel. I give myself the freedom to react on whatever it is that I do, say, feel or think.
Weird? Not really, kahit na parang nagsisigawan na sa ulo ko yung mga opinyon ng bawat "personas" sa pagkatao ko. Hehe.


Hayy, weather-weather lang pala ang pagkakapanalo sa DotA. Some days you're good at it, and some days you just SUCK. Theory proven. Oh well.

After our game, Giovanne offered me some sticks. Since they're for free, I gladly accepted. ^_^ Just had two. Switched flavors so not that much nicotine. Buti na lang di tuloy-tuloy. Unlike before na di ako makukuntento sa isang stick lang. I'm not proud of it. Pero sa totoo lang, it soothes me. It's a new high. And for those who has their brows raised, it's not a peer thing. It's something I CHOSE to do or be in to. And no, it's not that hard to quit. Pero once in a blue moon, I go back to a couple of sticks. And that's it. I guess that's final for this month. ^_^


Principessa Sita said...

Siguro noon affected ako nung lablab na yan, pero ngayon, hindi na gaano. Hindi ako nagka-breakdown dahil sa heartbreak pero I had a few iyakan moments.

potpot said...

shen!.. shen talaga,, yung cbox, pag ako nagpopost POSTING FAILED.. ayan tuloy mainit ulo ko.. haahha.. at aba.. special mention ako dito.. teehihih.. nakakatouch naman.. hihii.. ui.. ala lang.. siguro kaya affected ang tao.. dahil.. ewan.. (napncin ko din.. madming comments kapag LOVE ang usapan..) hahaha..

Manic Psycho said...

Faye: normal naman yan eh kya ok lang.. :) hehe basta ba di magpapakatanga.. ^_^

Potpot: kalma lang! dapat kasi comment na lang gawin mo.. haha.. ^_^ yeah.. tulad mo.. nagcomment ka ngaun.. hahaha

tina said...

when you talked about the "sticks" thing... i thought it was a thing from Dota.. hehe.. iba pala.

Love is felt by everyone. Be it for their family, friends, or their partner. Kaya nakakarelate halos lahat. At saka... we are all bounded by LOVE (God is Love right?).. kaya it stirs up something. (Oh see? you got me commenting on this one as well.. and a very long one.)

And youre right.. give yourself the freedom. It is you who make your life. It is you who chooses how to live it. :)

one thing i dont understand with most people.. is why do they get hurt when they LOVE. maybe they havent really learned what LOVE is all about.

You need not be in the process of prolong agony... or whatsoever.. or do the suicide thing. You need not get HURT when YOU LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and that is TRUE LOVE... it SETS YOU FREE. Free from pain and worries..

Those who get hurt... loves conditionally. :) -_-

But then iba iba ang experience natin... :) and Im just sharing mine. :)

the-damsel-in-distress said...

hello! thanks for dropping by my blog.

SIKRETO PARA BIBO. boy, one of my favorite terms. ^^

Moy said...

hala, apil ko anang gym gym ninyo beh. haha. 2 months na ko wala naka gym ba :|

Manic Psycho said...

Tina: yeah.. When you love, you're not supposed to expect something back. It's in Love where we find happiness by giving, and not expecting. Hopeful that whatever we have given, will be for the good of the other.. ^_^

Superwoman: Haha! toink.. thanks for being here.. ^_^

Red: lagi.. ugma 6am ha sa may merco bantay lang ka.

-pAm- said...

ayeeeeeeeeeeeee. love...hahahaha...^_^

well kasi, tinopak din ang koneksyon ko. sabay sinabayan pa rin ng topak ng beta.haaay.hahaha

and oh, masarap ang C2..hahaha..=)

Manic Psycho said...

Pam: wee.. andito ka!.. toink!.. sira ulo ang beta noh?.. tawr!.. gusto ko ung red na c2.. hihi pero naiihi ako..