:: Jamais Vu ::

- A temporary sensation in which familiar situations and objects seem new and strange, exists and can be induced.
- The more common a word, the more it gives rise to this strange unfamiliarity.

-Reader's Digest

Have you ever experienced this before? I have. Many times, though in those moments I haven't got a clue on what to call that phenomena. *hehe*
Try it yourself, say the word "Door" 30 times. After that, when you say or even think about that word you'll get thes questions in your head. Like,
"what the hell is a door?"
"how does it look like?"
"does it have a certain taste?"
"is there such a thing as a door?"
Weird? Yeah, but I believe you've encountered something like this too. You just don't know what to call it.
Jamais Vu is, obviously, totally different from Deja vu. ^_^

Hehe, I don't have any idea on what to post here as of the moment so please bear with this.

It's my friend, Aubrey's birthday today.Happy Birthday Taba! *I call her that, she calls me Kulot* We'll be at Jacksridge later. I know it'll be a total Laugh trip later. That Aubrey, together with Jonalyn, can really shake a place up. I fear what might become of Jacksridge. No more tourist spots. Haha. Toink. Mga bigatin kasi sila. On top of that, super ingay din. Buti na lang at di ako nagshe-share ng secrets or any information about me sa kanila, coz I know for sure mabubulgar talaga yan whether I like it or not. Hayy.

Ayun, speaking of secrets.Delikado to si Jonalyn pag may nasabi ka ditong napakahalaga sayo. She tends to slip and give your ever sacred secret out. And what more kung lasing. Naku! You'll really wish you haven't opened your mouth in the first place. Magsisisi ka talaga. Sometimes, she butts in our conversations and she ends up being laughed at kasi napaka-FAR OUT ng sinasabi niya. Totally not related with our topic. Hehe. Imagine, how one person can lead me to bashing another victim here. But I've mentioned her in my other posts, this is just a "pahabol" of that. ^_^

Yesterday was great! *not really that great*. But just by being with my friends, it is. Anyway, we went to Tina's house yesterday. The plan was Renel would have his "pictorial" there, me and Vanessa on the other hand would cook. Hayy, it so happened Jonalyn overheard the "FOOD" part so ayun sumama na din siya. Along with Bordz and Red. And I realized just then that it HAS been a long time since I've cooked anything. Haven't lost my touch after all. They were done with the picture taking thing and so were we with the cooking. We had our early dinner. Atat na atat na talagang maglaro ng DotA sina Giovanne, Red and Bords that they kept saying na maglalaro na raw. So we bid farewell to Tina, Jonalyn, Vanessa and Renel who were there washing the dishes *muhahahah*. And off we went to the DotA dome! Pero 48 years rin nang makaabot kami dun. Nakatulog na nga lang ako eh. Pero even so, when we got there, adrenaline went over me like crazy. Kill. Gold. Nessaj. Kill. DotA. Kill. Heroes. See? really crazy. Though I ended up being dead a couple of times, ok lang nakabawi naman ako. Hehe. So yun lang, that's how my Monday went. ^_^



tina said...

you ended up being dead? sooo ur reincarnated now? nyahahahha

lyka said...

ate avy tlga... pagdating sa DotA may adrenaline rush na nangyayari e.. WAHAHAHA.. cooking.. wala akong katalent talent dyan.. HAHA.. kababae ko pa naman daw na tao.. tsk tsk.. ang tanong.. babae ba tlga ako?! WAHHAHA!! minsan nga parang may ganun na feeling na jamais vu.. kung ano man un. bsta ganun.. pero mas mdlas ang de javu.. hahahaha.. kaya my reincarnation tlg e.. naniniwala ako! WAHAHAHA

Angel said...

nangyayari yan sakin..hehe.. pag may pinapaulit ulit ka na salita..hehe..

potpot said...

hahaha.. in fairness.. un pala tawag dun! iniisip ko! .. ahhaha.. may tyms kase n parang familiar ung word peo my something unfamiliar s knya! shen

jo said...

Jamais vu... actually, now ko lang narinig yun kasi mas madalas kong naririnig na binabanggit ng mga tao ang deyja vu. hehe... Nessaj the Chaos Knight. Dota. First Blood. Killing spree. Double Kill. Owning. Mega Kill. God-like. Beyond-Godlike. Hahaha... ^^

-pAm- said...

so ganon ang mga kaganapan sa bahay ni tina...hehehehe...ang saya naman! ano bang oras ang mga klase niyo? wahehehehe..^_^

oh...and yun pala ang tawag dun. jamais vu..hehehe...naexperience ko na rin yan...=D

ghee said...

happy bday to your friend :)

Camille said...

waw. DotA. haha. kinamumuhian ko ang larong yan dahil inilayo nyan sakin yung isang taong mahalaga sakin. dati. haha.

tina said...

Basang sisiw. -_-

a series of unexpected "wet" events. ahihi

Sefree said...

madalas kong "maramdaman" ang jamais vu... lalo na kapag masyado na akong paranoid sa isang bagay. kapag nararamdaman ko yan minsan kinikilabutan ako. ewan ko ba.

Camille said...

haha. hindi ko na siya kelangan maibalik sakin. masaya naman ako ngayon at sigurado naman ako na masaya siya. well, he will always remain special to me. haha.