:: The Dance *continutation* ::

It was a breezy morning as he got out of the first building, Building M. The sun was covered with huge trees with long branches. Looking at an average view, most of the students found their comfort zones under a sturdy foundation, giving them large enough shade to lie on the grass. Picturesque.
He could see the field, so big and wide, as he walked towards Building B. The field was empty, still the sun has splashed luminous rays of light on the field. The grass was greener than ever.

As he got to the room, it was packed. Everyone were so busy talking to each other. He walked right in and saw three empty seats at the back. One was beside the window, the other two were just like any ordinary seats. He occupied the one beside the window which looked out in the open field.
"Everyone here?" a raspy voice called out.
The class answered with "no", "yeah", and "what do you think sir?"
"Good, good. Now, I'm Mr. Douglas Peterson." writing his name on the white board, "Prepare yourselves because from this moment on I will be taking you back,"
gesturing his hands, looking up at an imaginary thing in a dramatic way, "Way back into the time where goofy hairs and lame fashion sense ruled the world."
The room was filled with mostly snickers. One even acted out a coughing tone disguising the word "You suck".
Just as the professor was about to continue with his dramatic introduction, two girls who were happily chatting with each other came in, this disrupting the professor's act.
"Ahh, more meat or pain in the neck?" The professor said, looking at both girls.
"Depends sir." the brunette girl said.
"Depends on what Ms. Montgomery?"
Flipping her hair, she placed her left hand on her hip, "on how you plan on making this class interesting."
The class then went to "ooooohhh..."
"Now, class. Confidence is one thing, ignorance is another. Take your seats at the back ladies."
Arguing with them won't do any good to this class.

"Jess, I think we should try out for the soccer team." Ashley said.
"I'll think about it, if something else doesn't come up then why not."
Ashley noticed a guy, who seemed to be sleeping, next to the two empty seats. She tapped him on his shoulder, and asked,
"Excuse me, are these two seats taken?"
Without looking up, his face buried in his arms, he replied,
"You see anyone sitting there?" with a sarcastic tone.
A bit surprised, they didn't resort to battling it out with words. Jess and Ashley simply sat down and continued on with what they were talking about earlier.

Sheesh, there's no stopping these blabbermouths. Cadey thought, he wasn't at all sleeping, in fact he was merely trying to think about what he's going to be active in this year.
I guess I'll just wait on it.


tin said...

so cute. :) pls continue. :)

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ava, ava, ava, avy!

balak mo bang making novelist? hehe.^^

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Nakakabitin! Pakisabi naman kung may kasunod na! Please?? Thank you! ^-^

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ituloy ang story!!!
ituloy ang story!!!
ituloy ang story!!!

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writing spree! ^^

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