:: The Dance ::

this is something I happened to really SUCK at.
bear with it. try lang. never got to finish any story before, and if the public isn't at all ranting about this, I could just pick up where I left off with the story.
*my apologies if this sucks*


"Time check it's 7:45 am, for those who are still in bed, you better wake up, don't want to be late you know. Wake up, get.."

"Stupid radio!"
Lanz swiped his vintage alarm radio off his bedside table. He hid under the covers and went on sleeping. Just as he was about to drift off to dreamland,what seemed to be a faint knock with a voice calling out his name that suddenly turned to a loud banging sound on his door awakened him. Irritated, he threw a shoe lying just beneath his bed at the door and shouted,
"Bug off!"
God! How can i get some rest here when everyone's out to annoy me?! He thought, not even minding where he's supposed to be right now. He'd been through a rough time. This is the only time where he could get to fully rest.

Cadey got out of the shower, just as the clock struck 7:44 am. He hurried to his closet and took out some clothes from the closet. This closet is no ordinary closet, for inside is like another hallway. The left side is filled with his shirts, polos and upper body clothes, while on the right is for his pants, shorts and lower body clothes. His shoes are found at the end of the room, filling an entire wall with three shelves located on it. Cadey isn't the type you would call vain, he's just into collecting clothes, shoes and accessories which complements his whole persona. Catching a glimpse on the clock, he hurriedly picked out some clothes to put on and after finding the right clothes to wear he checked himself in front of the mirror. For today's concept, simplicity, He thought as he faced right to left. Grabbing his bag, he recalled if everything was in place, till he remembered his brother. Damn, it's so hard to wake up a log. His brother sleeps like one. He walked up to his brother's room, which was 10 feet away from his, and pounded on the door.

"Lanz! Wake up! I don't want to be late!"
He shouted, pounding hard on the door.

"Bug off!"
was Lanz's reply. Hearing this, he decided to go downstairs and catch a quick meal.

Cadey called out as he reached out for a sandwich prepared for him. Just as he took a bite, a 50-something year old woman appeared from the servant's quarters. It was their Nana, she had been a part of the family already, looked after 2 generations. She was the most humble and frail looking woman they have ever known, but has the kindest and purity of heart, this is why she is loved by the family.

"Ading, don't shout, I'm not that old you know."
She said, walking towards the counter.

"Sorry Nana, but that big jerk upstairs won't even bother to move a muscle, and we're gonna be late."
Cadey said, looking like a kid running to his mother.

"Don't worry child, this is your first day at school, and I know you don't want to be late at this kind of things. You finish your breakfast, while I go check on your brother, Ok?"
With a sigh Cadey replied,


"Good, I'll have him ready in 30 minutes."
She assured Cadey with a wink.To do this, Cadey knows her brother will really be up, even though it's only a few minutes til their classes start. Checking his watch again,

Then he dashed out the door and got on his
RAV4. Good thing there wasn't much traffic, so he arrived 5 minutes before the exact time at school. He didn't know where to park, so he ended up in a spot where there where red lines on the concrete. He didn't care, he was late!
He got out and rushed to the nearest school door. He looked at his schedule and easily found his first room. As he went in, students inside were busy with their chit-chat. He just shook his head and looked for an empty seat. There were two at the back, he opted for the one beside the window. He could see the field from there, as well as the parking lot which was just before the field. From a distance he could make out a familiar figure coming fast towards the parking lot. It was his brother on his
CBR 600.It wasn't a surprise that their Nana could get his brother to do what he's supposed to be doing. He was about to reach for his phone to call his brother when a middle-aged man came in the room."Applied Science!"Just a loud call and everyone were in their seats.
Woah, this guy has some effect on these people. Cool.
"I am Mr. Reeves, no further introductions. When I call your name," he paused, "you know what to do."
Now, what kind of professor is this?
The orientation didn't take too long, before he knew it everyone were already rushing out of the room. He got his bag and headed to the door. By the hallway, he saw his brother looking dazed, just standing at a corner. He didn't mind him. His next class was still in the next building.

"History." This is so lame.

*to be continued*


tina said...

Next next! I saw this on your friendster blog, but you did not finish that too.

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nice! tuloy mo ah! ok to ah! :D nalink na kita! :) o yeah! ingat!

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very nice. i'll wait for your updates! :) sinulat mo ba to? :)

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Bam the Great said...


Ba naman! Hanging. Hehehe.

Anyway, I love it just the way it is!^^

I don't know! I just have this knack for drooling over hanging stories.^^ The reader gets the chance to finish the story for himself.^^

Tatapusin ko yan. Hahaha!

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