:: new look ::

Just as what the title says.
I have, now, light blonde highlights. Which needs more sun exposure para tuluyang mag-evolve sa preferred color ko. Been a while since I've had my hair frosted. And that was when my hair was a bit longer. (^_^)

The following is a text conversation between me and the inFAMOUS *hehe* BAM:
Bam: Nabasa mo na yung holy kettle corn post?
Me: Yeah, you should really practice with the delivery =P (of her joke).
Bam: Hehe. Parehas lang ta. Ahahaha! Bleh! =P Sabi pa ng nanay ko, kung magjoke daw ako, wag daw ako tatawa habang nagsasalita. Nasisira daw ang joke.
Me: Hehe. May workshop kaya para dun?

And as usual, tinulugan nanaman ako.

Why did I post that here? Wala lang, para dagdag words and kwento.
Honestly, I have absolutely no idea on what to write about. But I tell you, it's so rare to find and keep people who are sensible and at the same time you very much click together. God does work in mysterious ways.

A while back, was the most awaited fight of the season. Pacquiao-Morales.
You can really see from the fight that it was definitely a mismatch. Pacquiao was, as always, in his greatest shape and Morales? I think he just woke that very day and decided to have himself be beat up. Beforehand, I told my "housemates" that Morales won. They were silent, concealing their disappointment (funny how I can easily trick people). Of course, I said that halfheartedly confident that Morales would indeed win this fight. It's one of my habits, I tend to be so pessismistic so that whatever result would come up, I wouldn't be that much disappointed. I know there are those who can understand this. Hehe, judging you're doing this too. Congratulations to Manny, this means more istorbo commercials between my favorite shows in ABS-CBN and Studio 23. (No, I don't watch soap operas)

I wonder why they call that soap anyway. Naliligo ba sila sa mga scenes? (hehe)

Speaking of tricking people. I can still remember how funny my friends' reactions were when I told them that naglayas ako (when actually I was gonna be my tita's bantay at the hospital). I know they'd ask me why was I carrying a huge bag that day. So basically, that's what I told them. I tried so hard to keep a straight face. The funniest was when I told Tina about the "layas" thing. She was just beside me that time, so I found it really hard to not smile or anything. I know she fell for it. Haha! She kept insisting if I was just joking or something, of course nag-no comment ako pero I was making this I-WISH-I-WAS-JOKING look. It wasn't until my precious post here that she learned of the real reason why I was carrying that bag. Hay, the ever so gullible Tina. Hehe.

Oh my ghulay! One more freakin' exam tomorrow! Hayy, better get ready. Oh, what's that look for? Of course I'll be studying. You think what I meant about getting ready is getting the kodigos ready? Err, you're wrong. Hehe. I'll be digging my desk to look for the ever so useful handouts. *I'd really like to slap those teachers with their stupid handouts*



-pAm- said...

nakakainis si morales. hindi man lang ginawang exciting.hehehehe...=D at tama ka dyan..more annoying commercials..hehe.


LaNa said...

hehe.. panalo si pacman! oo nga bakit nga bah soap opera? :) hehe.. :)

potpot said...

madami na nga ang kanyang mga commercials dadami pa lalO! hahahha.. lol!.. mapupuno na ang tv ng muka nia!

Anonymous said...

haha, i am one of those who didnt watch that pacquiao morales thingy.. :)

well, well, i love making pranks.. haha.. :)

OMGsunshine said...

oh ghad. he won, more commercials, baka ngayon, he plan on running the presidential election na. humbag.

tina said...

pacman's getting richer! rofl. Oh well. Uy ha. Bntay lng ka.. ako sad mag just kidding ka nimo. nyahaha.

study? hihi. my notebook was borrowed and was left at school. Oh well. *Sigh*

Pot said...

May bagong commercial na naman ang McDo!!!

the other Mel said...

I think the term "soap opera" originated from 40's radio dramas, wherein soap companies were primarily the sponsors, plugging their sudsy products in between breaks.

So, borrowing the infamous line by Dr. Mac Tiu, Ph.D, "Brayt na mo?"

Ako brayt na. Hoohoo!

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