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Ok, so we were playing DotA yesterday right?
After 2 games of constant winning, (^_^) we decided to go to the venue where Aubrey's handa was to be held. It started to rain. Ambon pa lang yun, so I told them we'd just walk papunta dun. Then all of a sudden, the rain started to pour so hard. We ended up running instead, as if we were being chased by enemy heroes. (hehe) Then all these people blocking our way. Creeps! Toink. Anyway. We agreed to meet at the citimall since it was near the food place. Para akong bagong ligo, when they saw me, again the teasing began. Then ayun, bibili pa raw ng gift. We waited IMPATIENTLY for them. Ayoko kasi ng pinapahintay ako. Buti naman at mabilis silang nakabili. So pumunta na agad kami sa Greenhills (not in Manila). It's a buffet place. While eating, I was halfway through my food. Then I reached for my dessert. And I accidentally knocked down my glass of iced tea, and as fate would have it, I bathed in tea. Everyone's reaction? "Hala, *long pause*, ayy nahulog" Watta reaction! I wasn't mad or anything, I just laughed it off. Then they told me to go dry my pants in the CR. And knowing that yung front side ang super basa, I walked backwards towards the bathroom, *which made everyone laugh btw*. And there I was, lifting one leg up then the other, just to get it a bit dry. I think it took me 10 minutes or more. When I got back, kinuha ko yung plate of selected desserts ko. I KNOW ONE SLICE OF PINEAPPLE WAS MISSING. I WILL FIND OUT WHO ATE IT!! RAWR. Di obvious na binilang ko noh? hehe. Well, ayun, inubos ko yung pagkain. Since there's a charge for leftovers. I was so full, really. Dagdagan mo pa na yung usual biritan ng jokes and stuff, nonstop laugh trip talaga. I could hardly breathe through the halakhak and all.
*burp* excuse me.
After a few pictures taken, we all decided to go home. Everyone was still telling me that I was on this diet thingy and I ate a lot. Sabi ko lang na babawi ako bukas sa gym. Hehe. I can still smell that funky scent from my pants. Ok lang sana kung tubig yun, pero iced tea eh so expect that it would smell bad. Hahay. Nabusog ako, had fun, been with them again and I'm contented.


btw, i'm saying goodbye to my special someone. ingat and good luck na lang. i'm still here if you ever need me. listen to your parents, they know what's best for you. and don't cry too much, grabe na eyebags mo. =P but wait, i've changed my mind. i will fight for you. aja to me, to us. ^_^ we will make this work.

From this day on, I will be my tita's bantay at the hospital since mamaya eh ia-admit na siya sa hospital. *Brokenshire Hospital*. And as usual, ako ang bantay. =P *dakilang pamangkin*. I so like it there, malamig. Mahirap nga lang magswitch ng channels, I have to guess which channel is which. Hayy, last time I was there I was watching Jack TV in the evening, then the next day I looked for that same channel only to find out na ETC na siya. My ghulay! May scheduling pala ng channels dun. Hayy. That's why I'll be charging my iPod para naman di ako mabobored dun, but the fact that ako ang magiging utusan ng tita ko eh di talaga ako mabobored. Hehe. Hey, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining.
I'm not sure though kung hanggang kelan yung "duty" ko dun. Hehe. So expect an updated blog starting tomorrow or maybe today.
Waah, I won't be able to play DotA, on the other hand *I have different fingers, joke* I can save my money for other stuff. Hihi.

*to be updated later*


lyka said...

natawa ako dun a.. HAHAHA.. ambilis mgbago ng isip.. i will for u na agad.. HAHA. A_A Hay, buti pa kau nakakapgsaya.. Y_Y

blacksoul said...

badtrip naman yun..

natapunan ka ng iced tea,pero tama lang yun baka sahin na party pooper ka pag nagwala ka doon.

Anyways,nung ako nagbantay sa mama ko sa hospital,Nagenjoy ako kasi gala ng gala malapit lang kasi ssa hotspots here yung hospital,eh may sariling bathroon kaya doon na ako naliligo at nagbibihis

tina said...

uy kaw ha. gi just kidding ko nimo noh? or kani ang just kidding? kaw haaaa

tin said...

hehe, ang badtrip naman, pagkatapos mabasa sa ulan, natapunan naman ng ice tea. hahaha! ok lang yun. You had fun naman e.

Ja! I'll wait for your updates. ahihihi!

the-damsel-in-distress said...

sounds like fun.

i love the raining.

and getting soaked. ^^

especially with people i love.

-pAm- said...

talagang in bold letters ang tungkol sa pineapple noh?? hahaha...^_^

at kamusta naman ang dramang "i will fight for us"..yey! rock on!=)

rHo said...

aysus... mukhang sinuwerte ka kahapon!! di naman siguro masyadong halata dahil basa ka rin naman ng ulan db?! hehehe! sa susunod kasi, wag ka ng uminom ng iced tea... tubig na lang para walang mabahong amoy! hihihihi...

gudlak sa pagbabantay! hehehe... never ko pa ata nagawa yan, taga-dalaw lang ako at taga-dala ng pagkain! hihihihi...