:: All Saint's Day ::

I am yet again plagued with disappointing thoughts.
Emotionally disoriented, that is.
Should I?
Or not.
I don't know.
Must I?
A need?
A want?
A change.
Change is good.
It's what I need.
A must-have.
I should move on.
Start fresh.
I don't need childish relationships.
I must grow.

I apologize for this post.
At the moment, I am, like what I said, confused. I am uncertain about things. But to make it clearer, I must let go of something I shouldn't have grabbed on to in the first place. I should not play with people's emotions. Like going in the mud, playing, but all these dirt shouldn't be on me for long. I must wash it off. Yeah, a shower. That's what I need.

I need to be alone.

I'm currently listening to This is how a heart breaks by Rob Thomas. Somehow, I can relate. I don't know why.
Hayy, I don't want to celebrate my birthday. This is just one of my moments when I'd get all depressed about stuff for a reason that I don't know. Ouch.

Or maybe because, I just lost in DotA. Hehe.



jo said...

DOTA!!!! hehehe... ^^

tina said...

ahh.. you just lost in DOTA that's why! hehe kaw ha.. go go celebrate your birthday! It's worth celebrating for! :)

lin said...

it's funny how DOTA can change one's mood. hehe.

ikay the dancer said...

aww,, that's bad. :)

before.. nung may pasok kme, pag masama loob namin sa subjects dahil mababa kme, nagdodota kme.. kapag nananalo, sumasaya kme,. kapag natatalo, apektado kme buong araw. lol

lyka said...

aus lang yan ate avy. baka nga natalo ka lng sa dotA. Ehehe. >.< lamu po kahanga kahanga talaga ang iung mga terms, nakakatuwa. maaari ka ng gumawa ng libro! ^_^ ehe.

+Sai+ said...

confusing... (cool) haha.

Anonymous said...

oi..link na pala kita at bloglinker. :D