:: Brighter Side ::

I've been deprived of things I longed to have, but still I know that the grass is always greener on the other side.
It's been years that I wished my birthday would be moved to 7, since my favorite number is 7.
I guess while my mom was carrying me, di na nya kinaya. Tsaka sobrang excited ako lumabas nun to see the world *kuno*.
Ayan tuloy, maling date lumabas. Hehe.


I constantly thank God for this day, and for the rest of the days He has given me. And FYI, thanking God or acknowledging Him isn't that creepy at all. I know most of the readers has this weird reaction when it comes to talking about God. That spine-tingling thing. Goosebumps all over. Mock me or not, I do appreciate everything God has bestowed upon me. So should you.

Lyka, pwede na ba tong pang novel? hehe.

This is
Tina's gift to me. ^_^ my very own slogan (?). Hehe.Thank you Tina. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have come back to the blogging world.

I just came from the gym, btw. ^_^
Tinodo ko na pagwowork-out ko. And no, I'm not celebrating this day with a party and all the engrande stuff. I;d rather relax at home and just save the money I have left. Hayy. I love myself. Ingat ako.

To my special someone: Pagaling ka. ^_^


Arrived at school around 12pm. Went to the lab for a short while. Only a few people greeted me. I already know that they're up to something. But I didn't spoil the moment because maybe it's not for me. After the first subject we all went to the next one (my last subject for the day). In the middle of the class while Johnnel was reporting, the lights were turned off. I knew then that there was a cake and that's it. (That's what we usually do for the others on their birthday).

Vanessa came in with the cake. And the candle? Not 19, it was 7. (my favorite number) Then each of them were holding their own candles. They sang and yun, of course I'm not that INSENSITIVE to not feel so overwhelmed at that moment. It was then I knew how great the feeling is when you have friends. I blew all the candles. I forgot to make a wish, I was caught off-guard eh. We all ate, and like what I've dreaded, they all put icing on my face. (I'll post the pictures and the video here soon thanks to Tina and Bords.) And it was crazy.

Pati yung teacher namin andun nilagyan ko na rin ng icing. Patay-mali pa kasing nagoorganize kunwari ng test papers namin. (I'll post my scores after this). They also bought junks and stuff. Picture-picture din. (I'm the celebrity...for the day). It was so nice. I felt so happy inside. (Of course di ko lang masyadong pinakita yun, though I thanked them sincerely naman). I'm just wondering where JV was at that time. After that thing I wrote about her here, medyo nag-iba na mood nya. Hehe. AFFECTED! nyahaha (I am so mean)

What about my gradeschool buddies? Well, they kept on insisting we go to my house (kahit wala akong handa, at tinapay at coke lang raw eh ok na) to celebrate my birthday. Bonding raw uli. I've nothing against being with them pero I just don't like the way she says it eh. Tipong pinipilit. I know I'll end up paying a lot.

- (mind you, di ako kuripot wala lang talaga akong pera kasi sabi ko sa mama ko na para iwas gastos eh di na lang ako maghahanda).

(sus! dakilang anak!)

-(anjan ka nanaman! huwag ka nang humirit!)

(anong paki mo? bertdey nating dalawa wag ka na umalma!)

-(cge, panalo ka! rawr)

My grades:

Intro to Electronics (Prelim) = 88

Software Engineering (Prelim) = 94

Philippine History (Prelim) = 95

(I don't know what the hell happened with my grades.)


*this post is to be updated later(maybe)*


katia** said...

avy, happy birthday..

congrats pala sa pagkapanalo mo.. :)

sana nga pwede nalang pumili ng birthday.. id rather celebrate mine on the 13th..
i want to erase all superstitions that 13 is a freakin unlucky number..

get well soon nalang sa ispesyal someone mo.. :)

pam said...

happy birthday to you! bat ang gulo-gulo mo?happy birthday happy birthday!happy birthday to you!hehehehe...^_^

magco-comment na lang ako...hehehehe....ako rin, sa 22...hindi mag-cecelebrate na totally engrande.haha..^_^

tina said...

nyahaha! Happy Bertdiiii Abi! -_- maayo kay nag enjoy ka! :)

potpot said...

happy birthday avy! kafatid.. hehehe.. .at ang sweet ng mga kaibigan m ah.. heheh. .:) Astig.. ang iyong special someone?? pwde b mlmn??

Manic Psycho said...

Katia: maraming salamat po.. ^_^ di naman talaga unlucky ang 13.. it's all in the mind..

Pam: toink! haha.. magulong magulo bah?..

Tina: madaming tenkyu.. ^_^

Potpot: sikreto para bibo!>. wakoko..

jo said...


Principessa Sita said...

Happy birthday Ate Avy!
Well, I'm really missing my friends. Naku. I wish I was as happy as you when it was my birthday.

celena said...

Ohohoy! Haffee Bertdey, achie Avy!!! Hafee bertdey, haffe bertdey, haffe bertdey to you!!! Ang sweet naman ng surprise sayo!

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