:: tick-tock::

We don't need time machines to go back in our past or see the future.

We have memories for our past and dreams for our future. ^_^


I was with my friends kanina sa mall. And to my most shocking encounter, nakita ko si tooot with her tooot. My stupid friend Aubrey called out tooot's kasama so loud, then started teasing me with tooot. Ok, let's represent them in letters. H and D. I had this thing I don't want to talk about here with H. And best dude ko si D. Anyway, when I saw them a while ago, imagine my reaction, I couldn't breathe (literally). Dagdagan pa ng siraulong kasama ko na pinaparinggan sila (pati ako). Rawr! Ayun, plastikan. Oh well. Then BIYAH este Beiah kept on saying "Affected!" And yeah, I'd shut up. And the teasing starts all over again. Good thing Camille was there, keeping my hopes up. (as always) Wait, I'm not saying na kontrabida sina Aubrey and Beiah, but the teasing just kept on going, and going and going. Whew, I just laughed it off and made puns so I'd distract myself from what had just happened.

Now, they're here behind me talking about what I should have done before. I shouldn't have given way for my best dude. But I couldn't help it since if you look at the facts (situation), they're both in the same school and I can't afford to buy H nice things or treat H out so wala, talo na. That's why when I told D na ok lang sakin, I changed my number and everything. Imagine my surprise when we got our communication back again, H was hell mad at me.

So many questions, but I simply said it was nothing, just something I HAD to do.

And that's it. Ouch? a bit. H should've been mine. But martyrdom took the best of me and so I let go.

Memories. *Sigh*



ghee said...

korek ka jan..we have memories,so treausure na lang natin :D

iskoo said...

isa sa mga fav movie ko yuung back to the future ni michael j fox

+Sai+ said...

darl..hehe. sino c H? hehee...

-pAm- said...

ayeee.:D memories...hehe...ang ganda ng pagka-represent mo ah.hehe...natawa ako..=P

ralphT said...

masmasaya pa rin siguro kapag may time machine :P

Manic Psycho said...

ghee: yeah, it's important that we appreciate everything that comes our way.. ^_^

iskoo: hihi, oo nga.. never get tired of watching that.

Kath: di mo siya kilala. And don't even bother. hahay..

Pam: represent what?.. yung memories thingy?..

ralphT: hehe, onga..