:: Freakin pissed ::

I'm hell frustrated with our school. They can't give a god damn stable schedule for the exams and other stuff. They keep changing it and we end up cramming for everything. They really should be thankful that I need to graduate first before I completely destroy this school. Obliterate everything. Anyone who'll stand in my way will definitely be thrown in our very beautiful *sarcastic* Davao River.

Congratulate me btw for being sober from DotA for 2 days already. Hehe. A celebration is in order. *boom tarat tarat*

I believe Pam was asking me about how's the "I will fight for us" thing.
Well, things are going just fine. My special someone's studying very hard to avoid any more confrontations with the parents and stuff. And me? Still me. I'm not that negligent of my studies naman. Though most of the time I find it so hard to listen to all the crap the dummies, este, teachers are blabbering about. Anyway, the good thing about my special someone (SS na lang), di marunong magselos.

Ohh, I think they're going to let my tita go home today. Good thing too, coz I'm very uncomfortable with the staff there. The nurses keep on staring at me, as if I'm some freakin alien. I would neither smile nor speak to them. Some I even caught giggling or laughing *whatever*. I know they're making fun of me. Grr. I'll tell my mother ship to come and fry their brains. Avy phone home. *ET*


Mixed emotions. It's like seeing your BMW being driven off by your mother-in-law off a cliff.
I have this kind of feeling but unlike that situation, it's knowing that my friends are reading my blog only to talk about it ever so loudly at school. I've received tons of sapak, batok, and hampas from those I have talked about here. Some told me that they'd stay away from me instead, just to avoid being "featured" here. Now they're clamoring for me to talk about myself here.
Really, now if I start off from one phrase about me, one page would never do. Besides, I don't know where to start. And if let THEM bash me, I know there'll be a lot of "add-ons", you know those things people say that aren't actually true, they just say those just for the fact that they have something to say. And if I start talking about myself here, I'd be writing in circles. Endless. Really.


I've been visiting Cofibean again for quite some time now. I've first heard of him froma friend a year ago. And his posts are somehow amusing. I don't care about how he talks about orcs and the inferior people he constantly blogs about but on the way he talks. Coño. The funny thing is, in spanish, it means SHIT. Haha. Anyway, I've been cautious about how I write nowadays, I don't want to end up making salita like Coño eh. *see?*
Irritating but funny. Still, I have to be careful, I don't like to be compared to anyone. I am me, no matter how hard the world and even the blogosphere wants me to change.

Our exam in SIS (Software Integration System) today was cancelled since no room was available, since they used Room A for their stupid thesis. So we just had one exam today, that means on Monday we're still gonna take another test. Hayyy. Like a said, no freakin stable schedule. Really. This has been getting in my nerves. Sheesh!

I'll just vent it out in DotA. I'm going to play in a while. Wee! I miss the yummy fishballs there at Cindrew's cafe. Hahay.


ghee said...

Congats,Avy! boom tarat tarat!

naki "in",hehe.

graduate first,before you destroy it :)


Iskoo said...

ayan binto kita sa blogger of the week. sana manalo ka!

Manic Psycho said...

Ghee: haha. thanks! ^_^ i'll definitely make sure they'll pay! bwahahha!!

Iskoo: salamat sa pagboto.. nga pla sa kaibigan ko yun na blog.. I believe kasi na she really deserves to be featured.. her posts are very substantial.. ^_^

tina said...

since when are you not frustrated in our school? ahihi. Everything's so fishy there. *stinky* haha.

-pAm- said...

"Anyone who'll stand in my way will definitely be thrown in our very beautiful *sarcastic* Davao River."

aaw. ang taray...hehehehe...^_^ pasabugin na yang school na yan..sobra ha..hehe...=D

ay..ispesyal mention ako...hihihihi..:) ganon pala ang sitwasyon nyo..hehe...^_^

Loverboy said...

woo sunugin! hahaha..

Anonymous said...

I believe the rough translation for coño is "cunt/vagina"...

I'm not too sure; maybe you can verify it. Yun lang. Bow.

celena said...

Heya! Huwell...ok lang yan. Ang blog mo...SAYO. Haha! Basta...take care!

Camille said...

sunugin ang school! haha. dali. samahan kita!

wag mo pansinin yung mga taong may violent reactions sa blog mo. wala lang yun. haha.

jo said...

Yun nga e... ang weird kac ang daming gumagamit ng salitang coño! Palibhasa hindi nila talaga alam ang ibig sabihn... haha... Kung paulit-ulit nilang sasabihin un, hahaha...

Takot na akong magDota sa com namin kasi nga last time nasira at lalo lang akong nainis... Hahaha...

potpot said...

teehihhihi.. wow! musta naman ba si SS.. hahha.. ako tlg ay nacucurius.. hahaha. .lahing chismosa tlg

Talamasca said...

Good thing I'm done with school. Don't worry, you will eventually get there.

DotA? Eew! Haha.

A blogger's complicated life would be in utter deep shit if friends/frienemies get to read his blog. Change your url or block them or something.

Oh, and thanks for blog crashing. Come back anytime. Kthnxbye.

katia** said...

ai nakoh, kabwct talaga mga schools.. hehe

yung amin din kabanas..

Kaya nga Fastest Earning University..

kapag bayaran alam agad kung sino pa incomplete.. pero kapag other stuffs, they dont care.. hehe