:: My Inner Daily Ramblings 4 slash Updates ::

Singit ko lang tong pic na toh. This was during our practice for the Araw ng Dabaw last March.
I like my hair here. Wula lang.

My friends has been bugging me about writing this piece here. Yung iba naman, tanong ng tanong if I wrote about them here nah. Some even begged me that I wouldn't include them here. Pasensya na, I've said before right that NO ONE WILL BE SPARED.

So here goes the continuation of My Inner Daily Ramblings series. ^_^

Cedrick, he's been my friend since high school. And what I remember about him is that KURIPOT masyado. He wouldn't even shell out a peso or something. And pag umuuwi kami, we sometimes take a taxi. He rides along and asks us to drop him by his house. Ayun, hinatid nga namin siya dun and ang amot niya? 25 cetavos. Yeah! Grabe. Pero kapag sa mga syota niya, siya pa tong nagbabayad sa lahat. And being so stubborn. Last night, we ate along with Red and Giovanne after 2 games of DotA. While Giovanne was washing his hands, Cedrick asked Red to put a few drops of vinegar in Giovanne's water. Giovanne had already warned Cedrick that if he found out he was up to no good, lagot raw siya. Throughout the dinner, binantayan talaga ni Giovanne si Cedrick. Giovanne checked everything. Di rin naman niya napansin eh, naubos na lang niya yung tubig niya. So, no harm done. He didn't get caught. Anyway, yung problema lang dito sa kanya eh kuripot siya. *updates soon*

Vanessa, she's one of my best buddies at school. Naging close kami, along with Tina, nung pareho kami ng subjects. Ok, yung problema ko dito sa kanya eh yung pagkamakulit niya minsan. She's older than me btw. Ang inaabot ko sa kanya most of the time: Kurot, hampas, batok, and many more. I don't mind naman, pero being the moody that I am, I get so annoyed with what she does. I remembered, nung us three had a report thing. She came in late, and I didn't expect na lang that she'd contribute kasi nga late na siya and I don't think she can answer one of our classmate's arrogant question. She also has that high pitch voice na minsan naiirita ako. *tahimik lang ako* Then, there are times na tinutukso niya ako, then bumabawi by saying I'm cuter that way. *which is so not true* Paminsan lang rin to pumapasok. My mom told me na ganito raw talaga siya even before, *student siya ng mama ko nung high school*. Di raw pumapasok, and she'd reason out na may sakit siya. Hmm, sa tingin ko nga oo *judging from her physique*. *updates soon*

Red, ang lalaking di mo alam kung ano ang takbo ng utak. After our games or pag may lakad, pag aalis na siya sasabi lang ng "Una na ako, bye" Then yun, poof wala nah. Pag lingon namin to say goodbye nawala na siya. At first, you'd get the impression na istrikto toh siya, seryoso at bato. On the contrary, he's much more looney than any of the guys. Magjojoke nga seryoso naman ang mukha, I'd often ask him if joke nga ba yun o hindi. Siya rin kasabay ko before during our badminton season. And siya rin kasama ko nung friday sa gym. In keeping relationships, I must admit di siya magaling sa field na yun. I've seen his heartaches and heartbreaks. Yan ang napapala ng mga taong di marunong makinig sa mga advice ng kaibigan. *updates soon*

Jesel, she's been asking me kung andito na raw siya. Well, now you are. Pinakamahilig magreklamo at magtanong. Often teased as a BUTIKI. Not because of her physique, but because of, umm, sikreto para bibo. Haha. Anyway, like I said, she complains a lot and mahilig magparinig. Whenever she's not in good terms with someone, she tends to talk about it with some of her friends *including me* and then this leads us to talk about the bad things about that person. Isa rin siya sa mga di marunong umintindi. You know, the type who you have to repeat the instructions, over and over and over and over again. Like I said, mahirap umintindi. She nags, just like JV. Pero unlike JV, sumasali naman siya sa mga welga namin *hehe*. Isa rin siya sa mga nanunukso sakin about my height and being Jam Prats. *rawr, damn you Jaspot!* *updates soon*

Sila muna for now, appetizers. Not that brutal comments about them pa. Just wait and see. ^_^

Just a while ago, there was this guy who sat next to me. I can see on his screen he'd been chatting with this girl *don't worry it's not about that*. Anyway, what caught my attention was how that guy looked. Kamukha niya si Lito Camo. Haha. He really does look like him. With the mustache and that hair. Just imagine Lito Camo sitting beside me, chatting. Hehe. Tayo'y mag-otso otso, otso otso, mag otso otso pa. Toink!


That thing with H, is part of my past. And I will keep H that way. As I've said before in my other posts, ang nakaraan ay di na dapat balikan. It's supposed to be left that way.

Gym day tomorrow.

Can't stop listening to MCR's Welcome to the Black Parade. As in super! Tagos talaga yung lyrics eh. I feel like singing along, of course I know it'll cause another downpour here kaya next time na lang pag may dala na akong umbrella. Haha.
They say that you'll know what kind of a person someone is through the music he/she listens to.
Me? I like Jason Mraz, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, MYMP, My Chemical Romance, Paolo Santos, RnB hits of the 90s, Justin Timberlake and Gin Blossoms.

Now, I ask you, what kind of a person am I?


potpot said...

huwahahaha.. ako ba ang pers?? kakaaliw naman ang mga frnds m .. hlos lht sila, blogger.. hehehhe,, :) anyhoo, ayan! para d k n mgtmpo, nlink kta.. hahhaa.. :) hnd lng bsta link

-pAm- said...

wow. lito camo ha...hehehehe...ang mga tao talaga sa mundo..haha..^_^

anyway, what kind of person are you? hindi ko masasagot..hehehe..binatukan mo sana. 25 centavos?! total piss off.wahehehe..=P

Tsina said...

Halos pareho tayo ng paboritong artists... ala lang! good luck sa pagiging busy natin! at sa araw-araw na pagsubok! :P

dumaan :)

Manic Psycho said...

Fotfot: hehe salamat.. ^_^ ikaw laging nauuna sa pagcocomment ah.. talamat.. :D

Pam: hehe, di namin siya hinatid dun sa bahay nila.. at nagreklamo pa!.. rawr..

Tsina: halos.. hehe.. aja! kaya natin toh.. ^_^

jo said...

huwaaaaw!!! ganda naman ng pic!!! ^_^

Pot said...


utakgago said...

same here, avy. loving panic at the disco! :P hehe. maganda yung kanta nilang camisado... :P

mahirap sabihin kung sina ka. ako rin, pagdating sa muuuusic - ganyan. maraming choices.


wow! blogger rin pala ang real-life friends mo!! great. :)

:P yun lang, avy. daan.

tina said...

Nyayahhaha sipatang Cedrick oi!

lalaine said...

hay, blogger pala silang lahat.. hehe..ung mga friends ko ksi, puro chat lng.hmp.. hehe.. ohw ell.. link ex?

Anonymous said...


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