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the people from the Tagum trip.. ^_^ Tina was, unfortunately, not in the picture because she took it. Hehe.


I don't know what to post about for this day. Oh, wait about last night. Well, like I said me and my family were at the cemetery. My dad's spot was far from my mama's nanay and tatay. Since I arrived late, my mama told me that me and brother should go visit my dad. Well, that's exactly what we did. While we were walking (without talking), I noticed that year by year the cemetery's becoming more and more like a flea market.
Oh wait, scratch that, A CAMPING SITE.
You see people there visiting their dead loved ones alright, but with soo many equipments. Kulang na lang eh dalhin nila yung bahay nila dun. I mean, it's not bad naman to bring along something to entertain you but sheesh, a matress, a big TV and a stove-like thing. Is their sole reason for going there is just for the sake of BEING there? I'm not saying that the place should be all solemn or something pero, inaabuso na ng mga tao ang purpose why they visit their family or friend's graves.
Should we not give respect to the dead?
Should we not be decent enough to not exploit people who didn't get the chance to bring food or other stuff?
Should we not go there and not for the fact na napilitan tayo?
This day, is.. not for mourning but for remembering those who have passed away.
Buti na lang at wala akong nakita dun na tulag ng nakita ko last year. (no not a ghost). Girls who wore dresses as if going to a party. (better yet a bar or a club). As the years pass, people are finding unethical reasons for doing things. Hayyy, kids and the old are just the same.

Yeah, by next week I'll be taking lessons with my friend Bea. Woo, first badminton, then the gym and then this. How fit can I get? Can't wait to learn the moves. Ohh, super excited!

Currently listening to "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance.
Me and my dad at the golf club.
Me driving the cart, like mad!
Me being spoiled by my dad.
Me eating strawberry ice cream, coco cruch, cali and frosties at my dad's room.
Me seeming not to care at all for my father.
Me not being able to come or see him at all inthe hospital the day before he passed away.
Me overwhelmed with pure sadness at the age of 18.
Me realizing I was a real jerk at the age of 12, when my father died.

Yes, his memory will carry on. The things he taught me.
About not going in a public restroom.
Not trusting anyone that easy.
Being careful with my things.
How to drive.
New techies.

Up until now, I regret not being there for him when he was asking for me. I am forever haunted by thought of being a disappointment.
His memory, shall be forever kept here within.

This post will be ended with a deep sigh.



tresebry said...

wow! fit na fit ka na nyan! :D

hazimeister said...

oh yeah..just came home from a cemetery party! hahaha! people are like partying over the dead.. (literally) the dead are watching us get drunk..i didnt really get drunk but the people who invited me did.. i did not stay long.. i dont like staying long at some memorial park at night..err..i needed to take a bath.. hahaha! i feel so dirty..again literally..coz it rained early tonight..

lyka said...

:) ako den. :( my father died about a year from now. Hay. disappointed den ako xe wala ako nung nawala sha, saka hindi ko nasabi sa kanya mga dapat kong sabihin. busy kasi ako that time sa UPCAT.. amf, hindi naman ako papasok sa UP.. sayang lahat ng time. Hala!! Nagdrama na ako dito. WAHAHA. LOL. tama ako sa hula ko sa bday mu! angaleng ku, grabe.

potpot said...

yey!! 1st ako! ehhehe.. :) yey!! teehihii.. err.. anyhoo! ang gandang welcome to the black parade!! hehehe.. my chemical romance nuh??!hehhee. :)

ganyan tlg kapag undas.. my camping at fld trip s cemetery

masanay na tau.. hehehhe

camille said...

yah. tama ka dun. ang mga tao talaga, parang hindi na nirerespeto ang mga patay. dun pa sila nagpaparty. tsk.

gusto ko rin magtaekwondo! I just hope that I have the time to do that. Too bad.

aww. don't worry. love na love ka ng dad mo. kahit na anong mangyari.

Rachel said...

nakuh tama ka doon. kaya nga minsan tatamad na ako pumunta kasi naiinis lang ako, ang importante naman kasi di mo sila nakakalimutan db pwede mo naman silang ipagpray sa bahay.

tina said...

halu avydoby!

dota nasad ka? :P nyahahaha anyway... memories will always live on.. but stay happyyyyyy and smileeee.. see the perfection in everything! :)

darlene: halu ate avy! hapy bday in advance :) aylabyu..