:: Spree ::

How lucky I am to still have friends from grade school who I see almost every weekend. It certainly is fun being with them.

Well, that's what I was doing for this day. Went to a kabarkada's house and from there we all gathered, had a drinking session and we were like what we were back in high school. Reminiscing about everything. It's a good thing that we never get tired of each other's faces and stories. The best thing about us? Our very strong relationship. Whatever chismis that comes our way, we definitely don't let it get to us. And that whenever there are problems that even with our classmates we can't just talk about, we find it safe and secure to just rant about all these stuff to each other. We always have each other's backs. Friendship. That's what it is.

I'm still feeling a bit dizzy right now, but I'm okay. Anyway, tomorrow, I'll be getting some highlights. Wee. Excited. Hehe. Bow


Rhodaline said...

it really is fun hangging out with childhood classmates..it's like we're back being kids again ;)

rose said...

alam mo ako nakita ko lang ulit ang mga kabarkada ko nung gradeschool sa friendster.. whew,. almost 2 decades na atang di ko sila nakikta.then thanks sa friendster hehe atleast kahit man lang sa picture eh nakit ako sila,..
wow!hilights.. post ka pic ha.!
sige have anice day

Iskoo said...

wow highlights! post mo bago mong get-up ha?

tin said...

wow! ang saya naman! ganyan din ako, yung mga frends ko nung elementary, keep in touch parin sa isa't isa and we never lose communication. :)

tina said...

mag pa highlights ka run? ahihi

maypa ka friends nimo... from grade school naa pa. ahihi. :)

-pAm- said...

check na check na check!^_^

ayun lang...hehehehe...=)

jo said...

kami nung friends ko nung elem, inde na nagkikita... o sila at ako? napahiwalay kac ako ng skul... as in sila isa lang skul ang pinasukan... ako naiba... hehe... so don't know kung nu ng nangyari sa kanila...

blacksoul said...

ganyan din kame nung mga friends ko,...ilan ba kayong agtotropa kasi kami 11 eh

the-damsel-in-distress said...

great friends are the best, ano?

i couldn't imagine life without them. ^^

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